Main logo. Background: El Arbol by J Muzacz

J Muzacz is a public artist, mosaicist, and community organizer in Austin, TX. J wanted this rebrand to appeal to high-profile public art commissions and cement himself as a mosaic artist while still remaining true to his roots in urban art.

The logo invokes the style of his digital impressionist mosaics, being heavily gridded and geometric. Drawing from his previous Kanji-inspired logo, the customized condensed letters fit together much like tiles in a mosaic.

Horizontal and small-scale alternates


Main typography

J's fully-responsive website runs through Squarespace and was customized with CSS. Hover effects mirror how the logo pops out, and the border motif is carried throughout as a decorative element. The information architecture remains intuitive throughout a wide variety of content, guiding people to the shop and portfolio. 

Website header. Background: El Arbol by J Muzacz

Examples of webpages

Fully-responsive website

Other Deliverables
Over nearly three years working with J, I've made just about everything an artist could need, including a resume, an invoice template, business cards, portfolio image lists, an electronic press kit, a map of his art around the world, and much more.

Invoice, promotional postcard, business cards, and resume. Background: Detail of Sahar by J Muzacz

Other Works

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