About the Artist
Zoe Axelrod is a versatile designer with a background in graphic design, HTML/CSS, and UX/UI. Knowing design was her calling since age 13, she completed multiple internships throughout high school and moved to Austin, Texas in 2019 to attend Austin Community College’s visual design program, graduating at the age of 19. Her most recent and decidedly ambitious project is ATX Urban Art, a nearly 700-page book chronicling Austin's best graffiti, street art, murals, and mosaics. She is also the co-founder and designer of Ringtone Mag, a passion-project blog covering the music genre of hyperpop, where she regularly makes delightfully gaudy graphics for their articles.

Zoe has experimented with all forms of creative pursuits, trying her hand at everything from hand lettering and jewelry making to her latest obsession, weaving metal chainmaille. Through it all, she imbues everything she creates with a playful, flamboyant flair, never letting her work (or herself) take life too seriously.